Very similar to Bone Shell but the base background color is dark light, taupe, creamy beige. There are also accents of medium and dark-taupe, brownish grey veins. Fossils and shells are throughout the stone, sometimes with a slight, very light pink vein.

Sizes Available

12" X 12", 12" X 24", 16" X 16", 18" X 18", 24" X 24"
Random Pattern with or without Bevel or Cushioned edge

Slab Thickness

3/4", 1 1/4", 2 5/8"


Polished, Honed, Sandblasted, Acid Washed, Light Chiseled with border & Rough Chiseled

Smith Emery Test Results
Technical Information ASTM Test Method Value
Absorption by Weight % C97 0.86
Density, lbs/ft3 C97 163
Static Coeficient of Friction - Wet C1028-89 0.78
Static Coeficient of Friction - Dry C1028-89 0.74
Flexural Strength, psi C880-M 1,254